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Sly Cooper, Moon-Shyne, and WarnerRepublic presents:

Jessica and Matthew Cooper-Fox in: Oh, Little Brother Of Mine. Part 1.

    Back when Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox's daughter, Jessica, was a little raccoon-fox girl, she promised herself and to her baby brother, Matthew, to be the best loving and caring big sister to Matthew since the day he was born. Matthew always acts playful and loving around his big sister. Ever since he was a baby, he loves to cuddle with her when she takes a nap, surprising her every time she wakes up. He likes to pounce on her so she can give him a piggyback ride. He also likes to sneak up on her and hug her tail. Jessica isn't really annoyed at Matthew when he makes these friendly attempts at her. She knows it's just Matthew showing he loves his big sister and some kids around that age are really energetic and playful. 
    One night, Jessica is asleep in her bed. She is happily comfortable and dreaming sweetly even though a loud rainstorm is happening outside and with thunder coming every four minutes. The storm doesn't bother her; she's a strong sleeper. A small creak is made as Jessica's bedroom door opens a little. Four year old Matthew is opening the door, feeling scared and sad, and in his sleeping t-shirt and pants. He quietly runs towards Jessica's bed, seeing her sleep heavenly. He looks frightened and sad, but later shows a small smile when seeing his sister. He climbs up her bed and tries to wake her up.
    "Jessica. Jessica. Are you awake, Jessica?"
    Jessica moves and groans a little when Matthew's hand is pushing her. She didn't wake up during the first three pushes. Matthew tries to wake her up by whispering in her ear and opening her eyelids.
    "Jessica. Jessica!"
    Jessica is awake. She is surprised to see her little brother on her bed and turns on her lamp to see better.
    "Huh? Matthew. What are you doing in my bed?"
    "I'm scared, Jessica. The thunder is scaring me and I couldn't sleep. I had a nightmare about a monster trying to hurt me."
    "What monster?"
    "He is a big, metal bird with bright light coming out of his eyes and sharp claws trying to get me. I'm scared, Jessica."
    Matthew acts like he is about to cry and he hugs his sister in comfort. Jessica rubs her brother's back to comfort him and she wants her brother to feel better.
    "Its okay, Matthew. Its okay. There's no such thing as monsters and you're safe inside with me and Mom and Dad. Is there anyway I can make you feel better?"
    "Can I...can I sleep in your bed?"
    "Of course. Come on in."
    Matthew opens a smile and wags his tail in happiness as he gets to sleep in his sister's bed. He jumps into the blanket covers and rests his head on one of Jessica's pillows. Jessica smiles as her brother rests peacefully and she goes back to sleep along with him.
    "Thank you, Jessica. Good night."
    "Good night, Matthew. Sweet dreams."
    Jessica turns off the lamp and closes her eyes to get back to sleep. Matthew turns around and moves closer to Jessica to cuddle with her. He smiles away as he finally sleeps in peace, knowing his sister is there to comfort him.

    Its 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday. The thunderstorm stops, leaving all of Paris wet but with sunlight coming out of the clouds. Matthew wakes up yawning and stretching his arms. He scratches his back a little and walks over to the window to see through the blinds. He sees the city finally free of the thunderstorm and the sun coming out. He is really wide awake and he feels like playing outside. He turns around to see Jessica still sleeping. But he wants her to wake up. Matthew runs up and jumps on Jessica's bed, trying to wake her up. He jumps up and down to get her to wake up.
    "Jessica! Jessica! Wake up! Wake up! Its Saturday!"
    Jessica wakes up and opens her eyes a little and turns to look at her brother, awake, smiling, and eager.
    "Matthew, its Saturday morning. That means kids can sleep more today."
    "But I can't! I want to play outside! Can we?! Please?!"
    "Maybe later."
    "Please, Jessica?!"
    "Matthew, I'm tired."
    "Don't worry. I know how to wake you up."
    Matthew grabs the pillow he was sleeping on and hits his sister on the head with it. He whacks his sister with the pillow multiple times and he's laughing at. Its working for him as Jessica is waking up. Matthew is laughing while hitting his sister with a pillow.
    "Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha!"
    "Matthew! Stop it! Ha-ha! Stop it! Ha! Knock it off!"
    "That's it, Jessica! Wake up! Wake up!"
    "Matthew! Ha-ha-ha! Oh, yeah! Ha-ha! You're gonna get it!"
    Jessica quickly grabs her pillow and hits Matthew with it. Matthew smiles and fights back, starting a pillow fight. The two of them laugh and giggle as they fight each other with pillows. Both of them are an equal match. The pillow fight lasts for at least a minute until Jessica pounces on Matthew and holds him down. Matthew tries to release himself but his sister has a strong hold on him but he doesn't give up.
    "I got you, you silly little boy!" said Jessica.
    "No, you don't! Ha!"
    Matthew pushes open Jessica's arms and grabs hold of her. He hugs her in a tight hold and she couldn't let go. She can only laugh at her brother taking her prisoner.
    "Ha-ha! Why are you so strong?!"
    "Because I'm the tough guy in this family! Ha-ha!"
    He holds her in a tight squeeze and she still laughs as she tries to release herself from her brother's strength.
    "Now, can we play outside?!" asked Matthew.
    "Okay! Okay! Ha-ha! You win, Matt! I'll play!"
    "Yes! Come on!"
    Matthew jumps out of the bed and was about to run out the door but Jessica stops him, saying,
    "Matthew, wait? We need to have breakfast first and a change of clothes."
    "Oh, yeah. Okay."

    Jessica and Matthew went into the kitchen to have breakfast; eating some cereal, juice, and microwave bacon while watching Cartoon Network on the television. After they finished eating, they told their mom and dad they're going outside to play. They agree to let their children play outside as long as they don't go too far off into the city, stay safe, and Jessica will watch her brother the whole time. The kids got dressed with jackets and hats and walked out of their apartment, down the sidewalk. Jessica holds her brother's hand to make sure she doesn't wonder off and lose him. Matthew stumps in the puddles and splashes the sidewalk with Jessica joining in the fun. They walk through the many shops and various businesses, window-shopping for toys, candy and games inside. They walk into a plaza with a great view of the Eiffel Tower, seeing street performers play for their public audience. There are saxophone players, violin players, artists painting pictures of couples in front of the Eiffel Tower, fire eaters, guitar players, and of course, regular mimes and robot mimes. Jessica pretends to act like she's playing the saxophone behind the performers' backs. Matthew pretends he's playing the violin. Matthew spots a cat and bird mimes pretending they're in a box. He mocks them by copying their moves. They pretend they're juggling balls, smoking a cigar, walking a dog, and robots. Matthew copies their every move and Jessica sticks her tongue out and make faces at them. Matthew even shakes his butt at them and they both laugh loudly. The mimes are annoyed at the Cooper-Fox kids mocking them.
    "I shouldn't have dropped out of law school for this." said the irritated bird mime.
    The cat mime covers his mouth in a silent gasp-like gesture. He is surprised that his partner spoke; breaking a mime's most important rule.
    Jessica and Matthew ran through the sidewalk viewing the Seines River, watching the boats pass by. They saw a large fountain and ran towards it. They saw a lot of coins in it and Matthew pulls out one from his pocket and throws it in there. He sees Jessica imitating the marble lion in the center of the fountain, doing a lion roar with claws. Matthew joins her by posing like a bodybuilder, showing off his muscles. Jessica jumps in the foundation, throwing coins in the air like confetti. They both throw the coins into the streets, sharing them with the children and adults walking by. They saw them throwing the coins and run to collect them. A large crowd of people are collecting all the coins the kids are throwing.
    "Hey, those are the children that don't appreciate rich French art performance! Get them!" shouted the bird mime from earlier with his fellow street performers. The bird mime is angry at the kids for mocking his performance and wants punishment upon them. The bird mime, the cat mime, saxophone and violin players, public painters, fire eaters, guitar players, and robot mimes are with them to assist him on getting the kids.
    "Oh, boy." said Jessica, noticing the mimes and other street performers from before.
    "Run!" shouted Matthew.
    The kids run through the crowds, carrying the coins they collected to help them escape with an idea.
    "Quick, Matthew, drop the coins!"
    The kids throw the coins on the sidewalk and the people quickly crowd together to grab them. The street performers chasing after them are blocked by the people collecting the coins. Many of them are pushed to the ground or tripped by the greedy civilians collecting free money. The two mimes also fell on some people and are hurt. The kids successfully escaped the street performers' wrath and laugh as they run down the street.
    After the escape, Jessica bought some ice cream for herself and Matthew at a nearby café. She used her own money and bought a waffle cone with a double scoop of mocha almond fudge while Matthew got a cone of triple scoop of cookies n' cream. When walking to get a seat, Jessica tripped a little at a nearby pothole on the sidewalk, causing her scoops of ice cream to fall to the ground. She is disappointed at losing her ice cream.
    "Aw, man. I barely got any money for another."
    Matthew saw his big sister upset about losing her ice cream and shows sympathy for her. He grabs a scoop out of his own ice cream cone and puts it on her cone. Jessica is delighted and touched at seeing her little brother share his ice cream with her.
    "Ahh, Matthew...thank you."
    Matthew smiled at his sister and went back to licking his now double scoop ice cream. Jessica is very grateful at her brother for his selfless act. She eats her ice cream while still smiling about her brother.
    The two siblings catch a double-decker bus ride and went to the top to see the sights. Jessica is amazed at seeing the many buildings, the river, cars, and people passing by as the bus goes down the street. Matthew jumps on top of the seat to see but barely sees much of the view as many people are in the way. Jessica sees her brother struggle to see the sights. She grabs him and puts him on her shoulders to get a better view. Matthew is finally seeing the view of the city and delighted. He laughs and claps his hands in joy. Jessica smiles as her brother enjoys the bus ride and view.

    After the bus ride, the kids head to another neighborhood alongside the Seines River that has a waterfront. There's houseboats, souvenir shops, Le Stinky Cheese stores, and a large hotel. There's barely any people around and seems quiet. Matthew feels a bit curious and worried about this neighborhood.
    "Ahm, Jessica. This place seems scary."
    "Its okay, Matthew. I'm here with you and I'm going to make sure you're safe."
    "Your friend, Beth, is pretty."
    "Your friend, Beth, is really pretty. I like her."
    "Really? That's sweet."
    "I mean really like her. Like how Mommy likes Daddy."
    "You mean you love her?"
    "Yes. Or how Mommy says it, si."
    "Okay, that's nice, Matthew. I respect that. But you know Beth is a little older than you."
    "So is Mommy. She's a few years older than Daddy, but that doesn't stop them. I'll just do those sayings that Daddy says to Mommy that makes her giggle.
    "Ahm, maybe you can do that when you're a little more older."
    The kids heard a loud bang sound coming from around the corner in an alley.
    "What was that, Jessica?" said Matthew.
    "I don't know. Let's check it out." whispered Jessica.
    "Wait? What?"
    Jessica grabs Matthew and quickly head to the alley corner to see what was the sound. They took cover behind a parked car and take a small look. They both saw a shady-looking, chubby hedgehog, a tall seagull, and a lizard dressed in cheap street clothing, carrying boxes out of a truck.
    "Agh! They maybe DVDs, but they sure are heavy!" said the seagull.
    "Would you hurry up?! He wants us inside and no stupid time-wasting!" said the hedgehog.
    "I'm trying, so shut up!"
    "Would you two drill bits hurry up or I'll have to rip your ears and tails off and feed them to you!" shouted the lizard.
    The lizard punches the seagull in the chest, causing him to push the hedgehog from behind and make him trip on the ground. His box fell off and a DVD cover fell out of it. The hedgehog grabs his box and doesn't notice the fallen DVD copy. The lizard rushes to a nearby large building and knocks on the front gate in the back.
    "Hurry it up!" shouted the lizard, ordering his companions to catch up with him.
    The seagull and the hedgehog rushes down the alleyway and to the front gate. The lizard looks around to check to see nobody else is around. He knocks on the front gate four times with three kicks.
    "Hey, open up! We're here." he said.
    The gate opens a little, showing a muscular manatee, with a jacket on and a shotgun, opening it.
    "We're you followed?" asked the manatee.
    "Heck no, just let us in!" shouted the seagull.
    The manatee groans loudly and lets the three men inside the back and shuts the gate, locked. Jessica sees the DVD copy on the ground and runs up to pick it up.
    "What is it, Jessica?" asked Matthew.
    "Its a DVD. 'Hotel Transylvania.' Wait a minute, the cover looks different. I see no barcode on it or a piece tag."
    "This looks very strange. Lets check it out."
    "What, why? This doesn't sound like a good idea."
    "Don't worry, little brother. We just need to see and find out what's going with those three men. What's with those boxes."
    Jessica ran up to the gate and tries to open it.
    "The gates locked. We have to go around and find another entrance."
    "Jessica, this doesn't sound safe. What if we get into trouble?"
    "By the look of those men, they're causing some trouble. And it has something to do with this DVD."
    "Its just a movie."
    "But not some ordinary movie. They look suspicious and crooked. We have to find out what's going on."
    Both Jessica and Matthew ran around the building to find another entrance. They found the front door with a large theater sign on top and a fountain roundabout outside it. They also spotted three men guarding it, a crocodile, a buffalo, and a puma with revolvers. The kids take cover under a table at a nearby souvenir shop and watch them.
    "Those men over there look pretty tough." said Matthew.
    "And also crooks. They're hanging out of some old, abandon building, planning on something devious and sinister inside. I know it."
    "What is this place?"
    "Wait, there's a poster."
    Jessica sees a poster on the wall of the building and takes it off to have a look. In the poster is a marine iguana dancing with a disco ball and the building in the background. She reads the words on the poster.
    "Le Theatre Lousteau. Hey, I know him. He's a friend of our daddy. His name is Dimitri."
    "So he owns this place?"
    "Used to. Dad told me one time that he was a bad guy before. A little before they became friends."
    The old, abandon building is Dimitri Lousteau's old nightclub/ theater. Years back when Dimitri was a member of the infamous Klaww Gang, who stole all the Clockwerk parts, this place was a popular disco nightclub which was a front for Dimitri's counterfeiting operation; using the Clockwerk feathers to print forged money. Since then, its closed and abandoned since the kids' father, Sly, and his friends, Bentley and Murray, stopped Dimitri's counterfeiting scheme and stole the Clockwerk feathers and him later getting arrested by their mother, Carmelita. 
    "We have to get inside the building." said Jessica.
    "But how? Those men over there will catch us if they see us."
    "That's why we need a distraction. And I got an idea."
    Jessica finds a used can on the street and picks it up. She quietly ran down the street, covering behind parked cars and tables. Matthew followed her also while staying quiet. He is worried on getting caught. They watched the three men guarding the entrance of the old nightclub and Jessica is waiting for the perfect moment to make her distraction.
    "Do you see my big mole on my stomach? Its so hairy!" asked the puma, lifting up his shirt and jacket and showing his mole on his stomach.
    The others are disguised at the sight of seeing the puma's large, hairy mole on his stomach. The buffalo is irritated and he threatens the puma.
    "Put that away, unless you want me to rip your hair off your head and shove it down your throat!"
    The puma pulls down his shirt and jacket and the guards continue to protect the entrance. Jessica watches them and finds a place to throw the can. She's going to use it to lure the guards away from the entrance. She throws it towards the other street, hitting some empty bottles on top of some windows, causing them to fall to the ground and break them.
    "Huh?! What was that?!" shouted the crocodile, hearing the smashed bottles. "I'll go check."
    The crocodile ran down the street to see what was the commotion. Jessica and Matthew covered under the car they're hiding behind as the massive crocodile runs by them. He takes a turn at the street corner and sees the broken bottles and shows off his pistol.
    "Alright! Show yourself!" he shouted.
    Jessica takes the opportunity to take out the crocodile guard. She finds some trash cans and a green dumpster, close by her, and uses them for her plan. She makes a devilish smile as she is about to make her move. She ran towards the trash cans and pushes them down the street, out of control and heading towards the crocodile guard.
    "What the..."
    The crocodile hears the trash cans and turns around, only too late to react and move out of the way. The trash cans hit the crocodile from behind, making him trip and fall to the ground. He is badly hurt and groans in pain. The other two guards heard the loud commotion of the trash cans.
    "You heard that?! Come on!" shouted the puma to the buffalo.
    The two ran down the street with their guns to check the commotion while the Cooper-Fox kids watch them. The two other guards saw the crocodile on the ground, badly hurt with the trash cans surrounding him.
    "Holy shoot, Felly!" shouted the puma.
    "Felly, what the heck?!"
    The puma and buffalo guards attend their friend. Jessica uses the time to use the dumpster on them. She pushes the dumpster with all her strength but its really heavy.
    "Matthew, I need some help!"
    "But, Jessica--"
    Matthew ran to Jessica to help her push the dumpster. They pushed it down the street, heading towards the three guards at fast speed. The crocodile saw it coming towards them as the two other guards help him up.
    "Look out!"
    "What the heck--"
    The dumpster slams into the three guards, running over the buffalo, and pushing the crocodile and the puma with it into the river. The three entrance guards are taken care of. The buffalo guard is unconscious from his wounds and the rest are in the river. Jessica celebrates by saying, "Yes!" Matthew is shocked and amazed at seeing the event.
    "Whoa! Ha-ha! You got them, Jessica." said Matthew.
    "Come on, now's our chance."
    Jessica grabs Matthew and ran towards the old nightclub's entrance. She tries to open the doors but they're locked.
    "Ah, they're locked. There's got to be another way in. Hello."
    Jessica spotted a balcony on the nightclub with a line of lamps connecting it to a nearby store across the street. Jessica decides on using it as their way in. Jessica spotted some crates right by the store and uses them as stairs to the rooftop. Matthew followed her and they reached the lights. Jessica grabs the line and climbs it across and Matthew follows her. They reached the balcony and found a door. Jessica opens it and takes a peek inside.
    "Whoa! Look at this place." said Jessica. "This place looks amazing."
    "What are we going to do now, Jessica?"
    "We're going to find out what these people are doing with these DVDs. By the looks of it, its not good."
    Jessica and Matthew look around to explore the old nightclub. The building's walls are decaying and the furniture and pictures on the wall are worn out for years. As they head further, the kids heard people talking and machines working.
    "You hear that?" asked Matthew.
    "Yeah. We're getting close."
    They walk further to the end of the hallway and hear people chattering and the sounds of computers and machines working. They reached the ledge of the second floor and the main dance floor is seen below. They see gangsters, working around the clock. They are lifting and carrying boxes of DVD movies and many are guarding the building with rifles. All the gangsters at work are various vultures, fat moles, rats, crows, lizards, pug dogs, and monkeys. Nine large machines with computers are making DVDs and movie covers at fast pace. Some of the worker gangsters put the DVDs into the freshly made covers, coming out of the machines' assembly lines. They put the movies into stacks of boxes and the forklifts are lifting them up and carrying them out of the building. The kids are amazed at seeing all of this. The old nightclub's main dance floor is now a workshop for illegal fake DVDs.
    "What's going on? Who are these people?" asked Matthew.
    "I don't know. But I'm right about them being crooks."
    "Who's that over there?"
    "That large scary bat over there?
    Jessica and Matthew sees a large bat wearing a black jacket, a scarf, gray slacks, and a fedora. He is the leader of the gang. His named is King Spanker, the notorious gang leader of the Wicked Warriors Group.
    "Wait a minute. I know that guy." said Jessica. "That's King Spanker. He's the leader of the notorious street gang, the Wicked Warriors Group. Mom and Dad have been looking for him for awhile. He's wanted by the local police and Interpol for several counts of racketeering, arms dealing, bank robberies, and for slapping a chicken. That bat over there is bad news."
    "Alright, toy boys!" shouted King Spanker, speaking to his goons. "I want the fresh copies of Ratchet and Clack the Movie to be hulled into the vans, right now! Illegal copies of movies don't sell themselves, you know!"
    "Illegal copies?" whispered Jessica, witnessing the event.
    "Don't worry, sir." said one fat mole gangster. "We're on the move. Hey, lazy sloths, get those Ratchet and Clack DVDs into the vans, out back! Now!"
    The sloth gangsters, sitting, smoking cigars, and reading magazines, heard the fat mole gangster ordering them to start moving the Ratchet and Clack DVDs into the vans. They groan and silently complain as they stand up and stump on their cigars and went back to work. One vulture gangster is sitting and playing Five-Finger Roulette on a DVD crate, filled with fake Step-Brothers DVDs. He's using a fork to quickly avoid hitting his wings. He's very good at playing the game. He suddenly hits his pistol, laying on the crate, and the trigger is pulled. The gun shoots the stacked boxes of pirated DVDs of Surf's Up 2, 21 Jump Street, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The box that was shot is a load-bearing box, keeping the boxes on top in balance. The boxes fall to the floor like an avalanche and land on top of the screaming workers. Some the boxes are opened, making a mess of DVDs, scattering around the floor. Everyone saw what happened.
    "Eeps." said the vulture gangster, nervous at what he did.
    King Spanker walks up behind the vulture and smacks him upside his head, filled with rage.
    "You crazy moron! What the heck is wrong with you?!" shouted King Spanker. "You got butter finger hands or something stupid like your mind?! You shot some of our products!"
    "Sorry, sir." said the vulture, scared of his leader's anger. "I'll clean this up! No problem!"
    "That's a very good promise, Willy Hons. I respect that."
    King Spanker quickly grabs a crowbar and hits Willy Hons the vulture in the head by surprise. He fell to the floor, badly hurt, while King Spanker hits him again two more times. The vulture is knocked out, cold dead.
    "Unfortunately, promises and trust is unreliable." said King Spanker, calmed and holding his crowbar. "You three, clean up this garbage here!"
    The seagull, hedgehog, and lizard, Jessica and Matthew witnessed before at the back gate, is walking up to King Spanker to get rid of Willy Hons's body.
    "Hey, its that seagull, hedgehog, and lizard from before." said Matthew, spotting the familiar men. The kids watched as the three goons grabbed Willy Hons by one limb at a time and carrying him away.
    "Make sure the Seines River will take care of him when he sinks to the bottom for a swim." said King Spanker.
    "Of course, boss." said the lizard.
    The three gangsters leave the building to throw Willy Hons's body out into the river. Many of the gangsters saw King Spanker attack Willy Hons with the crowbar and he look back at them with a silent, murderous, angry stare. He looks like is about to flap his wings and fly down upon them to strike them also. Many of King Spanker's goons rushed to the pile of boxes and DVDs to clean them up to avoid any brutal punishment from him. He said to his fellow gangsters,
    "I'll be in my upstairs office, counting our glorious piles of profits. I want no more accidents here or there will be another one with all of you!"
    He walked up the flights of stairs to the second floor to go to his office and count the money they made. Everybody went back to work with the machines on at full speed. The kids still watch them make more fake movie copies.
    Dimitri's old nightclub used to be a hotspot for disco dancing and counterfeiting money. Now, its a hideout for the Wicked Warriors Group, secretly creating pirated movies for the underground black market. There has been some news reports that DVD sales in Paris are dropping lately due to a suspected increase in movie piracy. And the Wicked Warriors Group are responsible for it. They have stolen copies of movies and created fake copies of them with stolen printing machines, used to create DVD covers and the DVDs.
    "So that's what they're doing. They're making pirated movies." said Jessica.
    "What's wrong with pirate movies?" asked Matthew. "I know that those pirate movies about the Caribbean Islands are bad but that's not a crime."
    "No, Matthew. Movie piracy is making fake copies of movies to sell on the black market. Mom told me about this before. I heard she said that Paris is having a problem with it recently. And that Hollywood movie studios are losing profits from the decrease of DVD sales. These people are responsible for it, and we have to stop them."
    "But, Mommy and Daddy said we're suppose to stay safe."
    "I know, but we have to do something about these people. We have to stop them. Its in our family's honor, both from our Mommy and Daddy's side, to stop criminals from doing wrong. Besides, I wanted you to have fun today. So, I'm going to give it to you."
    "I don't know, Jessica. They look big and scary like those guards you hit with that dumpster."
    "Don't worry, Matthew. You just stay here where its safe. I'm going to deal with this."
    "What?! How?!"
    "The element of surprise, my little brother."

    To be Continued

Sly Cooper, Carmelita Fox, Bentley, Murray, Clockwerk, and Dimitri Lousteau are created and owned by Sucker Punch Productions, Sanzaru Games Inc., and Sony.
Jessica and Matthew Cooper-Fox, and Beth Rhapsidy are created and owned by Moon-Shyne, (Alicia). :iconmoon-shyne:
Cartoon Network is owned by Warner Brothers/ Time Warner.
Hotel Transylvania, Ratchet and Clack, Surf's Up 2, 21 and 22 Jump Street, Step-Brothers, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is owned by Columbia Pictures and Sony.
King Spanker, Willy Hons, and the Wicked Warriors Group, is created and owned by me.

    Little Jessica Cooper-Fox always acts as a loving, caring, protective, big sister to her four year old brother, Matthew. One day, his potential is revealed when dealing with the dreaded Wicked Warriors Group and their pirated DVD movies operation in Dimitri Lousteau's abandoned nightclub from Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves.

Sly Cooper, Carmelita Fox, Bentley, Murray, Clockwerk, and Dimitri Lousteau are created and owned by Sucker Punch Productions, Sanzaru Games Inc., and Sony.
Jessica and Matthew Cooper-Fox, and Beth Rhapsidy are created and owned by Moon-Shyne, (Alicia). :iconmoon-shyne:
Cartoon Network is owned by Warner Brothers/ Time Warner.
Hotel Transylvania, Ratchet and Clack, Surf's Up 2, 21 Jump Street, Step-Brothers, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is owned by Columbia Pictures and Sony.
King Spanker, Willy Hons, and the Wicked Warriors Group is created and owned by me.

Part 2 of the story:…

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I'm kind of busy lately with other stories and schoolwork. But, what kind of story you want me to do?
TeiOuja Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well, could you do a story featuring my OC, Jeff? Here:…
WarnerRepublic Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, Tei. I have a Sly Cooper stash story in progress about Jeff. I have no idea of a story now, but have a prepared story in case.
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WarnerRepublic Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll see what I can do in the future. :)
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